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Hair Loss Treatment Reviews 2011


The consumer health information on RecoveryHair.Com is for informational or educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions. Consult a physician regarding theapplicability of any information and recommendations with respect to your health condition.


Chemical baldness treatments, whether prescribed by doctors or OTC, do not produce hair miracles overnight. This should be remembered even if you’re spending a lot of money on prescription medication for baldness. At most, you would begin seeing results after at least a month of continuous treatment.


There are several treatments available for those who wish to remedy their own troubles with alopecia. In our own review of these treatments, we wish to emphasize that individual costs of treatments and the effectiveness of these treatments vary from place to place, and from individual to individual.


With the sheer number of anti-balding products available in the market today, we’ve picked more than 30 of the most promising treatments out there and took the liberty of reviewing them.



Hair Growth Products And Treatment Review

Hair Growth Treatment - May 2011


Procerin Male Treatment by Procerin Co. is a topical hair loss remedy that can help you regrow your hair if your hair is still in its active, growing phase.

The two-part solution to male baldness and thinning hair come with:

Tablets contain all-natural, powerful DHT blockers

Procerin XT Topical Foam


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Procerin™ For Men

Common Myths and Questions

Hair drop problem may be the most widespread problem in the world, affecting people of all ethnicities, ages and geographical locations. To understand the problem better, there must be an effort to go back to the causes of the problem and its specific manifestations.

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Laser Treatment

In the 1960s, the first low-level laser therapy was developed. Basically, the laser reduces the inflammation of the skin to encourage healing and skin reproduction. How does this approach help balding people? The basic theory behind laser science is this: biological components called chromophores react to the low-level laser aimed at the scalp. Medical science holds the belief that the light from the emitting source stimulates the production of new hair cells and therefore, new hair follicles.

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Hair Restoration Surgery

Men on the other hand have a more distinctive balding pattern.


The first phase usually begins at the hairline itself. The second phase of balding is more obvious, as the hairline moves further and further to the back of the head.


The last phase leaves only a crown of hair and a bit of hair on the back portion of the head.

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Male Pattern Baldness

Women are generally more sensitive to the amount of hair on their head than males. Because society places a large emphasis on the beauty of a woman’s hair, people tend to comment more. This emphasis can come from family members, friends and colleagues.


Often, the hair loss can easily be hidden from sight by getting a new hairstyle or by wearing wigs. Some women don’t like such approaches, so they just let nature take its course. This does not necessarily mean that they are happy.

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Female Pattern Baldness




Hair transplant surgery represents the Wild West of baldness treatments.


Since the procedure is partially invasive and may involve some pain, a large medical bill and a recovery period, people should be very judicious when they wish to use this path to getting their hair back.

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Baldness Aid - Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs

Beautiful hair makes a person look better. Hair that easily falls out and lacks shine and life is a sign that a person is living an unhealthy life. These problems can be easily remedied by taking natural available products that are rich in nutrients and vitamins.

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Procerin OTC treatment for men

Provillus™ For Men And Women

Provillus contains Minoxidil which is clinically proven ingredient to help regrow hair and approved by the FDA . The Provillus two-part system come with:

Supplements in capsule form

Topical Minoxidil (5% for men, 2% for women)


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