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Bosley Hair Restoration by the Bosley Medical Inc

Bosley® Review

Bosley Hair Restoration by the Bosley Medical Institute, Inc. is hair transplantation system developed by a devoted team of doctors.


The company was found in the seventies by Dr. L. Lee Bosley and continues to this day in its mission to bring quality hair restoration to hundreds of thousands of clients.

The Bosley Medical Institute Inc. has also been doing hair restoration procedures from beyond the United States to populous locations such as Tokyo and Mexico. According to another review of Bosley services, the cost of a hair transplantation procedure can reach up to $12,000.  

How It Work?

Bosley Hair Restoration procedure has been described in general terms by the main Bosley website. The first step is a discussion of your procedure plan with your personal physician from the Bosley group. After the approval of the procedure plan, the next step is the application of a local anesthetic before the surgeon removes the hair follicles from the donor site. The donor site usually involves the sides and back of your head. A donor strip would be extracted expertly by your Bosley physician.


Suturing is done afterward, to complete the extraction. Only a fine scar would result. The next step is the extraction of the follicular units themselves; follicular units are live units of reproductive hair. During the separation procedure, your scalp is then prepared for the transplantation of the separated follicular units. It’s important to prepare the sites carefully so that the follicular units would not go to waste.

Customer Reviews

Bosley Hair Restoration has a great record of accomplishment and has already done procedures on more than 100,000 individual patients with varying needs and baldness types.


The available information on the World Wide Web is also good, because it’s a balance of feedback from both happy and not-so-happy customers. We’re glad to report that the company does exist and they’re not just after your money. Bosley products sold by the company are real and they do represent the company’s drive for quality. Though there are some reports of some pain during the surgery, we’re sure that this takes place in a case-to-case basis.

Any Side Effects?

Bosley Hair Restoration had failed to furnish actual researches regarding the effectiveness and safety of their hair restoration methods. This is of utmost importance especially if a company is planning to market a procedure to thousands of potential clients around the world.


The company had also failed to provide a detailed list of potential side effects that may affect clients during the hair restoration procedures. There have also been reports of Bosley staff downplaying the actual pain involved during the hair restoration procedures. They were not allowed to use terms like “pain” or even “pain killers”.


There have also been reports of how invasive the follicular extraction is. Actual pieces of tissue had to be removed by the doctors from Bosley for the actual extraction. The tissues contained not only the required hair follicles but also important skin parts like sweat glands and even blood vessels. Additional processes during the procedure also take away more of the scalp’s tissues.    




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