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DermMatch - Cosmetic and bald spot concealment system

DermMatch® Review

DermMatch Topical Shading by DermMatch Inc. is a bald spot concealment system designed to give your bald spots some much needed color, volume and style.


Users of the DermMatch system quickly gain the confidence to go about their normal lives by simply shading the special dry formula unto their bald spots.


Both men and women can partake of the great effects of the DermMatch Topical Shading system.

The company claims that this product can give you the best looking and thickest hair in no time. The product can even be used to conceal surgical scars, if they’re in the head region.

How It Work?

DermMatch Topical Shading, categorically, is an artificial hair thickener. Generally, hair thickeners make use of ingredients that are similar to the protein found in the hair. The product directly colors the bare scalp and can match the surrounding hair color; the product would not stand out and you won’t be embarrassed.


This product is also capable of coating the individual strands of hair, making the strands thicker and more evident. The powder used had been specially formulated with emollients and natural botanical ingredients, which makes it very safe and even beneficial to the scalp.


In addition to the emollients and botanical ingredients, the product has also been loaded with natural and efficient moisturizing agents, which would bolster the natural look and feel of your artificially thickened hair.


As for the pigments used in the product, the company responsible for the product is happy to report that they use only natural colorants to produce vibrant-looking results in no time.

User Reviews

DermMatch Topical Shading has received great reviews from individual users who just wanted to share their thoughts on this relatively young yet effective product. One user review was from a man who stated that he had grown into adulthood without having the luxury of having great-looking hair.


It turns out that the product was able to give him that much needed boost of confidence because the resulting hair after the shading looks soft, robust and very natural.


In addition, the product can even be used by individuals who are presently engaged in oral treatment of alopecia; the product won’t interfere with fresh hair growth in the balding spots.

Possible Side Effects

DermMatch Topical Shading produces the following disadvantages and side effects to its users:


The product is not a hair loss remedy, though it may appear in the Spencer Forrest website that it is. It does not treat baldness the way other products do. Instead, it’s a false mask used to imitate the surrounding, existing hairs so that it would appear that there is hair. In truth, the bald spots are really just there, with some organic fibers covering them.


Another potential problem with this product is that it uses a lot of pigments or colorants to achieve the so-called natural look. It’s true that the hair would not be suffering from colorants (if they are indeed safe or organic). However, the scalp itself is not so amenable to such colorants. There is the risk of scalp irritation.


The product contains alkaline ingredients that may not be suitable for some scalps. For some reason, the human scalp sometimes reacts negatively to the presence of alkaline mixtures.





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