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HairGenesis™ Review

HairGenesis complete hair treatment system

HairGenesis Hair Loss Treatment, marketed by HairGenesis.Net, is a complete hair treatment system composed of different products. You can choose from a variety of packages composed of either a vitamin supplement, special shampoo and activated serum for the purpose of reducing hair fall and alleviating androgenic alopecia. The system is intended to remedy both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.


According to the product website, HairGenesis products had been formulated with proven DHT blockers. DHT is the compound responsible for deactivating the growth phase of hair follicles. HairGenesis is a non-drug approach to hair loss, a large contrast to other remedies sold through the Internet that make use of prescription drugs such as finasteride and topical minoxidil.

How It Work?

HairGenesis Hair Loss Treatment makes use of a unique botanical formula that directly combats the formation and action of dihydrotesterone, the chemical compound responsible for baldness in both men and women. According to a blind investigative study cited by the product website, 60% of test subjects that had used the HairGenesis formulation were rated as improved.


The HairGenesis Oral Soft Gels are composed of the following ingredients:

Saw Palmetto Berry Extract

Capric acid

Caprylic acid

Caproic acid

Lauric Acid

Palmitic Acid

Oleic Acid







Oligomeric Proantho-Cyanidin    

Gamma Linolenic Acid

Gamma Linoleic Acid



Macadamia Nut Oil  

Borage Oil

Evening Primrose Oil



Pygeum Africanum

Japanese Green Tea Extract



Purified Water

Yellow Beeswax

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Titanium Dioxide


User Reviews

HairGenesis Hair Loss Treatment has so far received good reviews from people who trusted the information available and were convinced that this product is one of the most concentrated botanical systems around. Though some people had a general distrust of such

food supplements, many users were relieved that this product had indeed worked.


One user was a 30-year-old man who had been suffering from baldness since he was in his early twenties. This is quite a common story, as many cases of androgenetic alopecia emerge during the early twenties and continues indefinitely until late in life. The user review reported some growth of hair after 5 months of use.

Possible Side Effects

HairGenesis Hair Loss Treatment does not have any side effects. In fact, if you use the product as was directed by the product literature included, you would probably be maximizing the positive effects of the botanical formulation.


The product website did not mention any mild or adverse after effects. According to the same source, the product would be providing visible, significant results with 1 to 2 months of continuous use. You simply have to be patient with your own scalp’s pace of re-development when you begin your HairGenesis regimen. The product has been verified to be at least 60% efficient in reducing hair fall and stimulating new hair growth.


What makes this particular system is that it combats the DHT problem both internally and externally. The company responsible for the product recognizes the double benefits of using a deeply penetrating topical agent and a nutritive supplement for the purpose of naturally remedying alopecia.




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