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What Is Normal Bowel Movements?

You won’t know you’re sick unless you know how it is to be well. And you won’t recognize a problematic bowel movement unless you’ve had a normal one. But what is a normal bowel movement? Check this out.

Different People Different Bowel Stories

There really is no strict definition of what a normal bowel movement is. Every person in every culture has a different bowel habit. Most of it hinges on what you eat and what you’ve been raised to eat from your family and cultural traditions as well as lifestyle.


One thing is certain though, you need to expel the waste your body produces in a timely and regular fashion and without much difficulty or pain each time. Consider your bowel movement to be “normal” if you have all the following attributes:

You Take To The Toilet Regularly

Not necessarily once everyday, but if you take in the right foods on a regular basis, you should expect to expel the waste as a by-product of your digestive system on a regular basis.


Eating a well-balance diet rich in fiber and liquids as well as regular exercise as simple as walking go a long way to keeping your bowel movement regular. A healthy bowel movement is a habit. That means it occurs on a regular frequency.


You Have No Constipation

That means you don’t suffer from hard lumpy stools that are expelled accompanied by pain or difficulty after feeling some discomfort or bloated feeling in your lower abdomen.


Constipation is one of the leading complaints leading to 2 million doctor visits every year in America. Unless you have colon cancer or other abdominal ailments that require drugs, radiotherapy and chemotherapy that are known to induce it as a side effect, constipation can easily be overcome with the right foods rich in fiber and a lot of water intake. Fibrous foods draw in a lot of water so it is best to drink more water or you get dehydrated easily.

You Don’t Suffer From Diarrhea

This is often marked with loose and watery stools that require 3 or more visits to the john in a day. It happens when you get upset stomach that disturbs the digestive process. It can also be side effect in chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug medication, allergies and digestive tract infections. Otherwise, it often goes away in a day without much fuss in healthy people. If it lasts more than 3 days and you get fever and stomach pain, or when your stools contain blood, it’s time to call your doctor.

You Can Pass Your Stool Without Straining Or Using Any Laxative

This is related to having constipation and is a sign that you have some food intake problems that cause you to have difficult bowel movements. Over the counter laxatives can be effective in easing the stools to pass but eating the right diet already provides your body with the proper level of tract lubrication to pass stools without any aid.



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