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Polaris NR-07® Review

Polaris NR-07 Hair Loss System

Unlike most hair regrowth products in the market today, Polaris NR-07 Regrowth Treatment (by Polaris Research Laboratories) does not only depend on the compound Minoxidil. Although it also contains this particular element, Polaris NR-07 Regrowth Treatment also makes use of apple Polyphenol and other auxiliary agents in order to produce optimal hair regrowth results.


This hair product has received a warm reception from critics and users alike because of its ability to work on both the hairline as well as the vertex of the entire scalp area. Polaris NR-07 Regrowth Treatment incorporates the technology of Liposphere vectors which allows the product’s active ingredients to penetrate deeper levels of the scalp.

How Polaris NR-07 Hair Regrowth Treatment Works?

The ingredients for Polaris NR07 are as follows:


Apple Polyphenol


Azelaic Acid

Oleanolic Acid

BioCert™ Serenoa Repens extract

Vitamins B-1, B-6, and B-12

Mineral Complex

Amino Acids L-Isoleucine, L-Alanine, L-Leucine, L-Arginine, and L-Proline

low levels of alcohol for good tolerability


While the 5% Minoxidil in Polaris NR-07 Regrowth Treatment works on the scalp’s vertex, the apple Polyphenol in this product is the primary ingredient in restoring the user’s hairline. The former lengthens the growth phase and increases the size of hair follicles while dilating the blood vessels.


On the other hand, the latter facilitates a number of processes that are effective in helping the body regrow lost hair such as antiallergic activity, antifungal effects, antioxidative properties, and scavenging activities of free-radicals.


Aside from the two mentioned primary ingredients in Polaris NR-07 Regrowth Treatment, this product also boasts a variety of other elements that are also known to help effective hair regrowth. Seenos repens, Oleanolic Acid, and Azelaic Acid are all known to prevent the unhealthy spread of Reducase. Also, other elements such as Retionl and Biotin improve the Sebum’s metabolism, while the Lipohospheres found in Polaris NR-07 Regrowth Treatment are able to enhance absorption.


User Reviews

There have already been a multitude of scientific studies that attest to the effectiveness of Minoxidil, one of Polaris NR-07 Regrowth Treatment’s main ingredients, as a hair regrowth compound. This is one of the reasons why both men and women who use this product claim that NR-07 Regrowth Treatment was indeed effective in helping them with their hair loss issues. This is especially true for users who experienced hair loss in their hairline and the crown or vortex of the scalp, specifically.


Baldness or hair loss has been known to affect people who are mostly over the age of 40. Especially in men, their hormones somehow affect the growth of hair follicles causing the sudden hair loss. Most NR-07 Regrowth Treatment users fall under this particular category and claim that this product has been successful in helping them regrow their lost hair.

Possible Side Effects

As with other hair regrowth product, the main culprit in NR-07 Regrowth Treatment is also Minoxidil when it comes to possible harmful side effects. The inclusion of this ingredient in NR-07 Regrowth Treatment means that this product should not be used by people who have problems with their blood pressure or those with some sort of blood disease.


Minoxidil has been proven to drastically affect the blood pressure by lowering it which is why folks taking medication to decrease their blood pressure should not use NR-07 Regrowth Treatment.


People who have undergone hair implants should also steer clear of NR-07 Regrowth Treatment, especially if they have just had the implants done a few weeks prior. Using NR-07 Regrowth Treatment a few days or weeks after hair implants will cause damage to the user’s scalp.  





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