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Regenix Review

Regenix baldness treatment

Regenix Hair Retention System by Regenix is a large, synergistic system composed of different products that serve to boost the effects of one another. It is recommended that when you begin your own home hair loss treatment, you may use only Regenix hair care products to maximize the benefits.


Unlike other products, the Regenix system does not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Each product recommended is based on the microanalysis of each client’s hair. The Regenix Clinics in Los Angeles, California is a testament to the hands-on approach of Regenix, the company.


Different hair care products are available, like the Pure Balance Shampoo, Essential Scalp Cleanser and Essential Scalp Protectant.

How Regenix Work?

Regenix Hair Retention System is a whole system of different products that serve to cleanser the scalp and hair and stimulate hair growth.


The Pure Balance Shampoo was designed for normal to oil hairs and was created to improve the appearance of the hair.


The Essential Scalp Cleanser on the other hand was formulated to remove the debris and blockages that may impede new hair growth.


The Essential Scalp Protectant has astringent properties and may help in impeding the harmful growth of bacteria.


The Moisture Balance Conditioning Shampoo was designed for dry and chemically damaged hairs.


The Replenish Protein Conditioner, on the other hand, was also designed to bring back the bounce to dry and chemically damaged hair in both men and women.


For hair styling, you may use the Directive Styling Gel, which has been bolstered by anti-UV protection to improve the hair’s resistance to sun damage.


The Directive Styling Mist on the other hand, can be a great finishing touch to your styling efforts.

User Reviews

Regenix Hair Retention System prides itself in not making use of deceptive before and after photos. Because of this, we have seen great positive reviews regarding the whole system, from the clinical approach to the home treatment of hair loss.


Many users commend the wonderful service of the Regenix technicians, as well as the effectiveness of the Starter Kit that is sold exclusively through the Regenix website. People also like the fact that the product system is free from harmful chemicals that may cause scalp and hair toxicity. While some user reviews speak of a general mistrust for all online hair treatments, most of the feedback was positive.

Possible Side Effects

Regenix Hair Retention System produces the following side effects and disadvantages during use:


The main disadvantage with the approach that Regenix uses is the fact that it is nigh impossible to copy or imitate the actual results done in their hair clinics owned by the company that produces Regenix. The claim that you can undergo treatment at home without the assistance of the Regenix technicians is a false claim in itself. If it were possible, why would they have Regenix technicians in the first place to apply the products, anyway?


The second potentially hazardous problem with the Regenix system is the fact that even the company admits that the hair treatment can problematic to persons who are under some sort of medication. For example, diabetic persons, hypertensive persons and people who have thyroid problems may not be cleared for treatment because of the specific medications they have. The medication can also slow down the hair growth itself even after treatment.




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