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Hair Loss Treatment Reviews 2011



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Rogaine - One Of The Popular Hair Loss Products In Market

Rogaine® Review

Rogaine is a topical hair loss remedy developed and marketed by McNEILL-PPC, Inc. Rogaine was one of the first topical remedies in the field that made use of minoxidil, the only topical remedy prescribed for alopecia. Only minoxidil (topical) and finasteride (oral) are mentioned in dermatology books as remedies for androgenetic alopecia and other forms of alopecia.


There are 2 kinds of Rogaine:

Rogaine for Women

Men’s Rogaine Extra Strength Topical Solution


How Rogaine Work?

Rogaine comes in 2 variants to address the different needs of the 2 sexes.

Women’s Rogaine - also contains the topical minoxidil that has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for hair loss. According to one clinical study mentioned in the product website, 60% of the women involved had experienced hair growth within 32 weeks of using Rogaine. Within 2 weeks of use, the product may cause older hairs to fall out because new hairs are being stimulated to push out the older hairs.


Men’s Rogaine - There are 2 options for men: Rogaine Foam and Rogaine Solution. Both of these products contain 5% minoxidil.


Here’s the main difference between the 2 products. The foam is massaged on to the affected areas while the solution is applied via a dropper. Just like Women’s Rogaine, there may be some temporary, short-term hair shedding during the first few weeks. This is a sign that the treatment is working for you.

User Reviews

As we’ve mentioned earlier, topical minoxidil is the only approved topical remedy for androgenetic alopecia. This particular compound is actually being prescribed by doctors around the world, without any commercial gain or interest, simply because it works. With this in mind, user reviews only serve as a small endnote to the long history of use of this topical remedy.


Usually, dermatology textbooks prescribe Rogaine Extra Strength for alopecia or other available brands of topical minoxidil. User reviews for this product have been positive, with a large percentage of users stating that they’ve experienced at least modest hair growth on their balding areas.

Possible Side Effects

Rogaine should not be used if the following symptoms are felt upon use:

Chest pain

Rapid heartbeat



Swelling of hands and feet

Irritation or redness of the scalp

Unwanted growth of hair in the facial area

No hair growth in 4 months of continuous use

Scalp itching or irritation


The Rogaine website has also stated who may not use the topical minoxidil formulation:

Persons with extreme hair loss

Persons with no familial history of balding

Persons with sudden balding or patchy balding

Persons with balding only because of pregnancy and childbirth

Persons who have absolutely no idea why they are losing hair

Babies and children cannot use this product

Persons who are under 18 should not use this product

Persons with infected or inflamed scalps should not use this product

Persons who have other medications for the scalp should not use Rogaine


As you can see, Rogaine can cause a plethora of allergic reactions depending on the user itself. If you are prone to such allergic reactions, we recommend that you check with your health care provider first before engaging in the treatment.


It also takes quite a long time for the product to actually work or not. It takes a minimum of at least 4 months to see whether your scalp is responding to the topical treatment or not. The main problem with this is that you would have already spent more than $200 for your balding pate.





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According to the product website, it’s wonderful that you’re taking steps to remedy your hair loss; but it takes real persistence to harvest great results. Simply put, you have to wait a while before new hair grows.