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Trichozed™ Review

Trichozed tablets for hair drop

TrichoZed Tabs by Vitopharma is natural dietary supplement designed to bring back lost hair and to slow down unnecessary hair fall. While it’s normal for some hairs to fall, during bathing or similar circumstances, increased hair loss may point to serious problems like androgenetic alopecia.


According to the product website, the formula used in TrichoZed tablets have been formulated with only the most natural, hypoallergenic ingredients by actual medical experts and competent researchers.


The tablets can provide hair regrowth without compromising the general wellbeing and safety of the user. Unlike other products, the tablets have not been formulated with too many herbs and natural ingredients.


How Trichozed™ Work?

TrichoZed Tabs works by providing the necessary boosting nourishment for to protect the hair and grow new hairs within a month. The main product benefits include stopping the dreadful hair loss in just 7 days, the natural re-growth of hairs within just 30 days or 1 month. The system uses a 3-step mechanism for achieving the best results for your scalp and hair.


Apart from hair regrowth necessary for remedying bald spots, the tablets can also bring back a healthier hair cycle. As you may already know, the hair cycle involves several phases that eventually terminate in the death phase. The herbal ingredients in the tablets include:

Pyroxidine hydrochloride (5 milligrams)

Biotin (5 milligrams)

Emblica officinalis extract (100 milligrams)

Serenoa repens (400 milligrams)


As you can se, the product contains biotin, an essential nutrient necessary for the normal metabolism of raw energy substrates. Deficiency in biotin can result in brittle hair, among other problems.

User Reviews

TrichoZed Tabs have been endorsed by actual medical professionals and empirical researchers, as well as homeopaths. There are of course, user reviews that speak of the positive and beneficial effects of using this product.


One user review was from a woman 33 years of age that had been experiencing hair thinning. A few years ago, the user had considered hair transplantation, but she decided against it. She had been using the product for 6 months and she had experienced a good reduction of hair fall and some hair growth.


Another user, a male 37 years of age had benefited from the tablets because his hairline no longer is diminishing.


Possible Side Effects

TrichoZed Tabs does not produce any short-term side effects or long-term after effects. According to the product website, stringent and regulated steps have been done to ensure the safety of the products during the manufacturing process. As for the effectiveness of the product, the TrichoZed Tabs have been researched intensively to provide the best possible user experience.


No synthetic drugs have been included in the formulation; as such, the product does not produce any type of chemical dependency. According to the product website, all products from Vitopharma are recommended by competent medical practitioners around the world.


If you’re interested in how the formulation came about, it came about with an intensive investigation of all popular herbs used; eventually, the researchers from Vitopharma were able to come up with a group of the most effective herbal ingredients. These herbal ingredients form the very core of the TrichoZed approach to remedying hair loss and alopecia in general.





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